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Real help for people involved in child custody -- initial determination of custody or change of custody -- or divorce. This listing of individuals, groups, companies, services, organizations and professionals can make a difference today. Just starting or starting over -- this is the place to begin.

The System Sucks             (516) 869-0775

Birchdale Lane, Port Washington, NY, 11050

An open environment for teenagers/kids to talk who are in the middle of
custody battles. All are welcome.

Fathers' Rights Association of Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter   845-240-1372

Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Westchester, Ulster, Sullivan, Columbia, and Rockland Counties

Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm at Blodgett Memorial Library, Fishkill, NY e

Fathers Rights Association of Central New York,   (315) 452-0259  (888) 991-8867

Meet every third Thu of month - 360 South Warren Street, Syracuse, NY

Fathers Rights Association Southern Tier Chapter   (607) 754-5866

P.O. BOX 1077, Binghamton, NY 13902

Fathers Rights Association Capital District, (518) 869-9463

Meetings: Wed. @ various locations 6 - 8 pm
We provide: information on divorce, custody, co-parenting, child support and more.
Para-legal assistance:

Fathers Rights Association  (845) 279-8916 (888) 991-8867

Lower Hudson Valley and N.Y.C.

Win Your Child Custody War 

13th Edition  2011. Over 800 triple-columned pages of vital information about fighting for custody of your children. This book is for parents facing a vicious or dangerous person on the other side. Topics include your child having an attorney of his or her own, who must listen to the child's wishes, admit-deny to pin down the lies once and for all, how to keep your job from losing your child custody case, home study, psychological evaluation, false accusations of child abuse, dealing with real child abuse, Parental Alienation Syndrome, how to turn hearsay into documented evidence, hiring a great attorney and grounds for suing a bad one, the difference between issues and non-issues, how to produce contact logs that will help rather than hurt your case and much more. In most cases the other parent does not win custody you lose custody. This book won't let that happen to you. Information about fathers' rights, mothers' rights, grandparent rights and attorneys. This manual has been on the market longer, and is updated more often, than any other available. Click here to see how parents, grandparents and professionals Praise this manual. For people going through a divorce or the never-married parent. This is not a cheap download. It is an expensive manual. It costs less than 1/2 hour with a good attorney and gives you hundreds and more topics than any other product.  Available at the biggest,  Google the fastest delivery, and PayPal the most popular.

Grandparents Winning Custody of Grandchildren: A Grandparent's Story of Success

Neil and Gail Gallagher are winners in the fight to gain custody of your grandchildren. They truly are the voice of the children. Because of their 4 year quest to protect their grandchildren, they know the legal obstacles and challenges you may encounter along the way. They have been through the process and pain and their story and struggles will inspire you to press ahead and never quit in your quest for answers. In Gail's new book Grandparents Winning Custody Of Grandchildren, you will find the information you need in your quest to rescue your grandchildren. is a unique online service that can help you win custody, change custody, or reduce child support. ParentingTime is used every day by thousands of parents and families worldwide. ParentingTime is an online custody calendar that allows you to easily schedule and track parenting time as well as monitor compliance with your custody arrangement. Find out more here, or try the Demo to experience ParentingTime for yourself.

CRC of New York 

Suite 1, 231 Main Street, Vestal, NY 13850

    The Children's Rights Council (CRC) is a national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status.
    (607) 785-9338

Equal Right for Fathers of NYS Inc.     585-621-3330

PO Box 24487, Rochester, NY 14624

Equal Rights for Fathers is a supportive forum for father's issues relative to separation & divorce. Membership in Equal Rights for Fathers is open to any individual interested in improving the divorce experience for parents , children and the restructured family. We have been serving the Rochester Region since 1975. We do referrals through-out the United States.

Parenting at a Distance
Staying in touch with the children who live in your heart but not in your home.

As a bipolar mother I will never have custody of my children. That is the hardest thing I had to accept. Parenting at a Distance helps me send them activities that will help them remember me with some happy memories. I am getting better and they are getting older. Some day there will be an opportunity for us to sit together. I will tell them how much joy I found in putting together their projects and I hope they will be able to tell me how much they enjoyed my efforts. Really a good book. Meghan Morris --Letter to the publisher

Parenting at a Distance, has been a great resource for me. At first the mother of my son didn't want to help me communicate with the kids. The fact that I had a plan for contact with them and was consistent won her over. I think she gets as much a kick out of the seeing what will be in the next package as the boys do. Ken Richards --Weekend Fathers Newsletter.

Roy Lubit MD, PhD. Phone: 917-846-7829

Roy Lubit MD, Ph.D. is board certified in forensic psychiatry, child psychiatry and general psychiatry. He has testified on well over one hundred cases and has lectured widely to lawyers as well as mental health professionals on various forensic issues including doing child custody evaluations and parental alienation syndrome. He has particular expertise in the areas of child custody, emotional trauma/personal injury.

How To Go To Visitation Without Throwing Up     

How To Go To Visitation Without Throwing Up is a book for young children about coping with regular visitation to separate parents, especially long-distance visitation. Written in very simple language arising from the point of view of a young boy who had a hard time adjusting to the stress of traveling back and forth to visit his mother. How To Go To Visitation Without Throwing Up offers more than just a mere advisory text - it has point-by-point observations, travel safety tips, and numerous fun activities to pass the travel time. Click here to see the Table of Contents. How To Go To Visitation Without Throwing Up is highly recommended reading, and a great resource for any parent having to take a child on a long-distance trip to visit friends and relations.  Available at

Equal Parents for Children / Fathers' Rights Association of NYS, Inc.

American Coalition for Fathers and Children

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