Child Custody & Divorce Resources for Arizona

Arizona Child Custody & Divorce Resources

Real help for people involved in child custody -- initial determination of custody or change of custody -- or divorce. This listing of individuals, groups, companies, services, organizations and professionals can make a difference today. Just starting or starting over -- this is the place to begin.

Curry, Pearson & Wooten, PLC    (602) 258-1000 (888) 929-5292

814 West Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007

If you have questions about custody, contact one of our experienced professionals for a completely free, no-pressure consultation. We are Phoenix family law attorneys who can help explain the visitation process and fight for your child custody rights.

Parenting at a Distance

Staying in touch with the children who live in your heart but not in your home. As a bipolar mother I will never have custody of my children. That is the hardest thing I had to accept. Parenting at a Distance helps me send them activities that will help the remember me with some happy memories. I am getting better and they are getting older. Some day there will be an opportunity for us to sit together. I will tell them how much joy I found in putting together their projects and I hope they will be able to tell me how much they enjoyed my efforts. Really a good book. Meghan Morris --Letter to the publisher

Parenting at a Distance, has been a great resource for me. At first the mother of my son didn't want to help me communicate with the kids. The fact that I had a plan for contact with them and was consistent won her over. I think she gets as much a kick out of the seeing what will be in the next package as the boys do. Ken Richards --Weekend Fathers Newsletter.

Sunrise Professional Services Michael A. Davis

Arizona DPS License #1003142
Registered Officer Superior Court, Maricopa County
P.O. Box 54815, Phoenix, Arizona 85078-4815
(602) 550-1168 Office/Cell * (602) 996-0462 Fax

Private Investigation * Process Service * Paralegal Service * Skip Tracing * Legal Photography* Judgment Recovery Service * Notary Service

Call or Email us and let the professionals at Sunrise Professional Services provide you with the prompt, courteous and quality service for which we are known; the kind of service needed by today's busy legal professional.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren  "A Time For You"(520) 323-4476

4710 E. 29th Street Bldg 7, Tucson AZ 85711 Open to Families with family members in prison. Meets the 1st Thursday of each month 10:00-11:30am Fourth Family Fun Night (520) 323-4476 Meets the 4th Friday of each month 5:30-7:30 pm. Social event for the entire family great way to meet others and make friends. is a unique online service that can help you win custody, change custody, or reduce child support. ParentingTime is used every day by thousands of parents and families worldwide. ParentingTime is an online custody calendar that allows you to easily schedule and track parenting time as well as monitor compliance with your custody arrangement. Find out more here, or try the Demo to experience ParentingTime for yourself.

Court Watch    (602) 279-2900

Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence*

301 East Bethany Home Road Suite C194, Phoenix, AZ 85012  

Organizing a state-wide monitoring initiative.

Discovery Detective Group     480-946-7173 or 800-589-2098

6501 E Greenway Pkwy, 103-500, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Family Matters Division.
Experts in investigation and evidence collection for family legal issues, such as; custody, divorce, elder abuse / neglect, spousal abuse, child abuse / neglect, drug associated problems, identity theft, criminal background checks for nanny's & in-home care, spousal backgrounds.

We work directly for individuals or in conjunction with your attorney.

The Children's Rights Council of Arizona 
    P.O. Box 454, Scottsdale, AZ 85252-0454
    The Children's Rights Council (CRC) is a national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status.  (602) 970-5903

Parents Without Partners, Inc.
    Is an International, non-profit, non-sectarian, educational organization devoted to the welfare and interests of single parents and their children. Its programs and activities are entirely the volunteer work of members of Parents Without Partners, Inc. Eligibility for membership in PWP is that a person must be of good character, and the parent of one or more living children and must be single by reason of death, divorce, separation, or never married. Age and custody of children is not a factor for eligibility in our chapter.  (602) 280-9299

This is not your grandma's White Pages! Find anybody's email address, photos and videos instantly!
Kinship Kare of Northern Arizona 

Michele Lytle 928-774-1868
Barb Wagner 928-774-2880

University of Arizona - Coconino County Cooperative Extension 2304 N. 3rd Street 928-774-1868

Meets the 1st Thursday of the every month 5:30 to 7:00 pm The last Tuesday of each month 10:00 - 11:30 am.  Dinner and Childcare provided - Rotate each month between open forum and educational speaker -RSVP for more information

Dear Judge,              Reviews             Spot on YouTube
    This book can reassure parents doing the right things, and has opened the hearts of an angry, self-centered parents, allowing them to put the needs of the children before their own desires. Parents often think they know what is going on in the hearts of their children, and are stunned to discover how much children see, hear and know. Get this book to see how children express their concerns. Give this book to someone who needs to know how the children feel. You will see your children in these letters. The letters are funny, sad, happy, hopeful and amazing. This book is has 190 letters. PayPal   Google

Grandparents United for Children's Rights (602) 569-1803
519 East Cowan Circle, Phoenix AZ 85024
Kids Craft of the Month Club

The books Parenting at a Distance and Win Your Child Custody War recommend that you send something to your children if they don't live in your home. Even if your get to speak to your children on a regular basis it is best to communicate on several levels. Most children don't get much mail and it would add richness to your child's life. Using a subscription or to a craft of the month club to help you stay in touch with your children is a great help. Older children may prefer a magazine subscription or book of the month club.

Grandparents Winning Custody of Grandchildren: A Grandparent's Story of Success

Neil and Gail Gallagher are winners in the fight to gain custody of your grandchildren. They truly are the Voice of the children.. Because of their 4 year quest to protect their grandchildren, they know the legal obstacles and challenges you may encounter along the way. They have been through the process and pain and their story and struggles will inspire you to press ahead and never quit in your quest for answers. In Gail's new book Grandparents Winning Custody Of Grandchildren, you will find the information you need in your quest to rescue your grandchildren.

Win Your Child Custody War 13th Edition, Pub Date 2011 Shipping Now!

Over 800 triple-columned pages of vital information about fighting for custody of your children. This book is for parents facing a vicious or dangerous person on the other side. Topics include your child having an attorney of his or her own, who must listen to the child's wishes, admit-deny to pin down the lies once and for all, how to keep your job from losing your child custody case, home study, psychological evaluation, false accusations of child abuse, dealing with real child abuse, Parental Alienation Syndrome, how to turn hearsay into documented evidence, hiring a great attorney and grounds for suing a bad one, the difference between issues and non-issues, how to produce contact logs that will help rather than hurt your case and much more. In most cases the other parent does not win custody you lose custody. This book won't let that happen to you. Information about fathers' rights, mothers' rights, grandparent rights and attorneys. This manual has been on the market longer, and is updated more often, than any other available. Click here to see how parents, grandparents and professionals Praise this manual. For people going through a divorce or the never-married parent. This is not a cheap download. It is an expensive manual. It costs less than 1/2 hour with a good attorney and gives you hundreds and more topics than any other product.  Available at the biggest,  Google the fastest delivery, and PayPal the most popular. Click here to see the YouTube Clip

Paralegal Plus 
    4528 W. Kristal Way, Phoenix, AZ 85038
    Paralegal Plus is a full service paralegal firm specializing in paternity, divorce and custody issues. Site includes comprehensive sections relating to applicable laws, custody, visitation and support guidelines. 888-6-divorce

  • Tohono O'odham Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

    Noemi Norris (520) 383-2298  Ext. 100
    Agriculture Extension Program on Reservation, Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month. 11:30 - 1:00 pm

    Open to those living on the Tohono O'odham reservation

    Stone Wall Forensic Audio & Video Services (936) 642-1818
    Travis Kitchens Law Office

      Livingston, TX, Texas 75845
      Stone Wall offers a state-of-the-art recording studio owned by practicing attorney offers forensic audio and video services including -- transfer of micro-cassette (answering machine) to cassette tape and compact disk format transfer of cassette tape to compact disk format clean up and enhancement of recorded conversation, including removal of tape hiss, hums, background noises and transcription of conversations preparation of cassette tape and/or compact disk trial exhibits indexing relevant passages/portions of the recorded media video editing for mediation purposes video editing for trial purposes prep of exhibits for mediation and trial.

      Extensive civil and criminal trial and appellate experience, both alone and as part of legal teams and both as prosecution (plaintiff) and defense, in District Courts in Trinity, Polk, San Jacinto, Walker, Houston, Angelina and surrounding counties including cases ranging from capital murder to forcible entry and detainer, family law, collections, personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice and deed restrictions.

      Numerous video and audio presentations for mediation and trial. References of judges, clients and other attorneys available upon request.
      Stone Wall's Chief Recording Engineer brings over 16 years of recording studio experience in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas in addition to working with Travis Kitchens in forensic audio the last three years. A detailed resume is available upon request. Reasonable rates and expedited service when necessary.

    Connect with a Local Divorce Lawyer (866) 200-5399

    While divorce can be a physically and mentally exhausting experience, you need to make sure that you protect yourself legally if you do choose to get a divorce. Having a divorce lawyer on your side to help you with the legal aspects of your divorce while you focus on the other aspects of your divorce is an important part of the process, and Total Divorce can help you take care of this step in no time.
    Get started now by taking a few minutes to follow our link and complete a quick and easy form; upon receiving your information, we'll connect you with a local divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

    National Organization of Women (202) 331-0066 1000 16th St. NW #700, WA., DC 20036

    N.O.W. Is an organization of Men and women who support full equality for women in truly equal partnership with men. Check out our Action Alerts and please take action NOW. YOU can make a difference. We have listed a number of other links to feminist resources/sites on the Web that we find very useful. Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you at one of our actions, events, or meetings.

    National Coalition of Free Men
      The Public Hearing Room includes testimony and speeches before public bodies. This material provides excellent examples of how NCFM is representing you. ...And, it demonstrates how you can get involved in the political process in a meaningful way by joining in with NCFM. Publications listed and summarized here are available through the U.S. mail. Topics include effects of language on male behavior, discrimination against men in criminal court and more.

    Parents Without Partners
      The problems are many in bringing up our children alone, contending with the emotional conflicts of divorce, never-married, separation or widowhood. PWP Inc. is the only international organization that provides real help in the way of discussions, professional speakers, study groups, publications and social activities for families and adults. Through the exchange of ideas and companionship, we hope to further our common welfare and the well-being of our children.

    Narcotics Anonymous 
      We open the doors to Meetings, Help Line #s, Door to NA Links, Other Links, Web Rings & Search and Activities. (800) 338-8750

    Pat Ferguson, M.A.
    Camelot Square, 1130 East Missouri Suite 570, Phoenix, AZ 85014Marriage & Family Counseling, Sexual Dysfunction, Divorce Counseling, Individual Counseling, Divorce Mediation, Child Custody Studies, Court Experience. (602) 266-5823

    Has a new marriage suddenly thrown step-siblings into the already frenzied mix of your blended family? If so, you’re likely to have your hands full: Managing a bigger family, warding off negative emotions, and making sure all the kids get along. But fear not, help is just a click away in the form of clinical social worker Debra Burrell, who shares her expert tips with Debbie.


    If you believe another person is a threat to themselves or someone else, please contact your local police department or any other relevant government agency.

    • Please dial 911 for an emergency or contact your local Police Department.
    • Secret Service Provides contact information for local Secret Service field offices.
    • FBI Information on how to contact your local FBI office.
    • CIA Provides information on how to contact the CIA.

    Paramount Investigations 
      A licensed Private Investigative Company in Arizona offering professional nationwide service for personal and confidential matters investigated with discretion. As a former police officer I have held advanced law enforcement certifications in crime scene search, accident investigation, child abuse investigation. Full-service agency: missing persons, child custody, divorce, asset verification, personal injury (plaintiff and defense), pre-employment screening, process serving, corporate, probate, countermeasures sweeps, threat assessment stalker control fraud, dmv/mvr records, witness locating and statements, complex and unusual cases, etc. (602) 926-9166

    Child Custody Witness Guide for Deposition or in Court
      Essential to giving the testimony you need to give. Critical for the witnesses you are counting on. Important for all types of cases and essential for child custody and divorce cases. You only get one chance to protect your father's rights, mother's rights or grandparent rights in court. Avoid the tricks and traps of questioning. This book's fast, easy solutions will let you watch the effectiveness of your case skyrocket! More than 230 pages.

    Children of Divorce
    5533West Rocking Circle, Tucson AZ 85713-6317  (602) 883-2920
    Arizona Paralegal Divorce and Bankruptcy 
      8655 East Via De Ventura, Scottsdale AZ 85258

      Affordable Legal Services at your finger tips. Specializes in divorce and all areas of Arizona Family Law, including legal separation, paternity, annulment. Bankruptcy as well. (877) 352-9700

    Fathers and Friends
    Post Office Box 3543, Scottsdale AZ 85271-3573   (602) 650-2682 (Recording)
    Single Parent Association    800-704-2102 602-788-5511're not alone, we're here to help! 

      Scottsdale AZ Email:
      DAD-to-DAD is an organization for Dads who stay at-home with their children. DAD-to-DAD was founded by Curtis Cooper of Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. The group, first called "Mr. Mom", was started with only a few Dads in the surrounding Atlanta area. When Curtis first became an At-Home Dad, he tried joining groups of At-Home Moms in their playgroups. He was looking for a group that could help meet a certain need all of us Full-Time Dads have - support, networking and a playgroup for the kids. Despite his attempts to "fit-in", Curtis still felt something needed to be done to pull together other At-Home Dads. So, he formed "Mr. Mom". After some discussion about the name, it was unanimously decided to change the name of the organization to DAD-to-DAD. The organization has grown by leaps & bounds and has even gone international with chapters all over North America and in other countries as well.

    AZ Fathers/Parents Child of Divorce 
    712 North Stone, Tucson AZ 85705-8351 (602) 620-0664
    Child Custody Case Management Forms 
      2010 Edition. Chapters include forms that will help you "Get a Handle on Your Situation," deal with "The Professionals" institute and maintain control, "Case management," and give you "Examples of Legal Forms." Fathers' Rights and Mothers' Rights groups encourage dads and moms to use the "Incident Report Forms" and an observer to defuse potentially explosive confrontations. The "Condition of the Child Form" is excellent for creating a paper trail to prove real abuse or disprove false abuse charges. Other forms include Contact Problem and Incident List, Evidence to Disprove Statements, Equipment & Service Options, Witness Practice - Review, Evaluating the Professionals, Authorization for Child’s Medical Care, Temporary Delegation of Parental Authority, Trip Permission. Essential to the effective management of the most important event in your life. The control you gain and maintain can help with child custody or divorce. This book contains more than 300 examples and forms. Click here to see the full Table of Contents for the book at our website.

    State of Arizona Home Page
  • Office of Vital Records (602) 255-3260
    2727 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85051
  • To apply for birth or death certificates please call

  • Killers & Boosters for Child Custody Cases 
    (Attitude Adjustment for Child Custody Case Litigants)
    Advice is usually given by people without the real information or life experience, with the right intentions; but at the wrong time. With this book, you can take advice when you want it and are ready to hear it! You can act on what you have learned, mull it over or discard the advice altogether, without interference. This book will not allow you to give the opposition power you might imagine -- but that they do not really have -- or let you allow others to diminish the importance you play in your children's lives. Divorce is never easy, but this will help. This book has been called "Chicken Soup" for the Child Custody Case. It will help a lot, and it certainly can't hurt. This book has more than 1,700 entries. or (936) 967-8970.

    Arizona Fathers
    Post Office Box 77136, Tucson AZ 85703

    Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling, Inc.     800-777-7207
    2922 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013
      Gambling, for most people, is a recreational activity. However, for an estimated 2 to 4% of the general population, gambling results in an addiction. Compulsive gambling is a progressive disease, much like an addiction to alcohol or drugs. In many cases, the gambling addiction is hidden until the gambler cannot function without gambling, and he/she begins to exclude all other activities. Not all compulsive gamblers show the same signs and symptoms of addiction, there are differences in gender, age or cultural backgrounds, but most will:

      Use gambling as a coping strategy called Escape/Relief to mask underlying emotional pain.
      Rely on the excitement to make themselves feel good.
      Wager higher amounts to win back their losses.
      Believe that they can get out of debt with a big win.
      Hide their gambling from family and friends and lie about money.
      Find the financial problem becomes an emotional one.
      Eventually become emotionally, mentally and physically distressed.

    Marion Foundation
      A non-profit organization that strives to improve communications and relationships among youth and parents by implementing innovative programs that address the social, emotional and educational issues of our ever changing society. A new program called Raising Today's Teens provides a private, free and confidential telephone support center and internet counseling service open to anyone parenting a teen. Counselors can be contacted directly by calling toll free 1-800-475-TALK, (Phoenix area: 896-TALK) or by accessing the web site.

    Public Record Research Library

    BRB Publications, Inc., 4653 S Lakeshore Drive, #3, Tempe, AZ 85282

      The Public Record Research Library (PRRL) is the nation's leading authority of public records, public agencies, and the record retrieval firms who access these records. Subject matter of their 11 highly-accurate, annual, easy-to-read sourcebooks include how to find and read public record documents and databases or access the most appropriate retrieval firms. Other products include CD-ROMS, disks, and customized databases for integration into search firm or software company systems. Sourcebooks are updated annually; electronic products are updated three to six months.  (800) 345-3822

    Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    301 E. Bethany Home Road, Suite C194, Phoenix, AZ 85012
    TOLL FREE: (800) 782-6400 (602) 279-7270 (TTY)

    Marriage Encounter
      Assemblies of God Marriage Encounter
      Jewish Marriage Enhancement
      International Lutheran Marriage Encounter
      Methodist Marriage Encounter
      Roman Catholic Marriage Encounter
      Seventh-Day Adventist Marriage Encounter
      United Church of Christ Marriage Encounter
      Marriage Encounter, is a weekend away from home, family and responsibilities where in a comfortable, secluded environment a couple is guided in the discovery of new techniques of communicating and sharing with one another. It is not a retreat, but it is a program designed to give couples the opportunity to examine their lives together, their weaknesses and strong points, their attitudes toward each other and toward their families. Couples are given the opportunity to look at themselves, privately with their partner in an honest, face-to-face, heart-to-heart encounter.

      Engaged Encounter, is a weekend experience designed to help couples prepare personally and as a couple for marriage. The focus is on the marriage, not on the wedding. "A wedding is a day ... a marriage is a lifetime." Couples are shown communication and decision-making techniques they can use throughout their lifetime together. Engaged Encounter is specifically designed for quiet reflection and discussion by each couple. It is a positive, simple, common-sense experience between two people who are either seriously considering engagement, engaged or recently married. At no time will the couple be asked to share their private experiences with the group.

    Arizona Alliance for the Mentally Ill    (800) 626-5022 (602) 244-8166
    2441 East Fillmore Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008-6033
      The NAMI Consumer and Family Guide to Schizophrenia Treatment1 gives patients and families information about treatment that has been shown to work. While other interventions may also be helpful, an extensive body of research, analyzed by leading experts in schizophrenia, shows that the treatments and services. The first step in identifying the best treatment for you or your loved one is getting the right diagnosis. These treatment recommendations presume an accurate diagnosis of schizophrenia.

    Law Enforcement Agencies in Arizona

    Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders (CPOs) By State

    Private Investigator Licensing, AZ DPS
      2102 W. Encanto Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 223-2361
      6401 S. Tucson Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85706 (520)746-4560
      Qualifications for Applicant for Private Investigator

    FindingStone Counseling Center     (602) 234-0541
      4450 North 12th Street Suite 210, Phx., AZ 85014
      Counseling and support for men, women and families. Personal growth workshops, parenting classes, programs for adolescent girls. Experienced, caring therapists, sliding scale fees, convenient appointment times.

    NO BULLY website

    This site is part of the Telecom/Police STOP BULLYING Campaign. Spot and Bo are here to show you around the site. You can hang out with Bo and his friends and play the No Bully game, and he's got lots of other useful stuff for kids. Spot can help you to find out about support services in your community and ways that adults can help kids to deal with bullying. This site originates in New Zealand but addresses a world wide problem. Telecom is the major sponsor of Police programs which help young New Zealanders to avoid becoming offenders or victims of crime. The programs encourage children and young people to act safely and confidently to protect themselves and their property, and avoid drug abuse. Telecom supports the Police because we recognize it is the responsibility of all New Zealanders to allow our children and young people to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

    Center for Divorce Mediation  520-577-1202

    5215 N. Sabino Canyon Road , Tucson, AZ 85750

    The Center for Divorce Mediation provides a cooperative problem solving process using impartial mediators to assist a divorcing couple reach an agreement on the issues dividing them. These issues usually include division of assets, division of liabilities, spousal support, and if the couple has children, parenting and child support.

    Arizona Divorce Laws

    Law Enforcement Agencies The Police Officer's Internet Directory
    American Psychiatric Association
    American Psychoanalytic Association
      The American Psychoanalytic Association is a professional organization of psychoanalysts throughout the United States. The Association is comprised of Affiliate Societies and Training Institutes in many cities and has about 3,000 individual members. We are a Regional Association of the International Psychoanalytical Association.

    American Psychological Association
    750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002  (202) 336-5500
    American Society of Addiction Medicine 
    4601 North Park Ave, Arcade Suite 101, Chevy Chase, M.D. 20815 (301) 656-3920

    "The nation's medical specialty society dedicated to educating physicians and improving the treatment of individuals suffering from alcoholism or other addictions." 

    Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder 

    8181 Professional Place, Suite 201, Landover, MD 20785

    CHADD Works To Improve the Lives of People With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Through Education, Advocacy, and Support. We the People, Building Partnerships Through Education, Advocacy, Support and Research.     (800) 233-4050 (301) 306-7070

    American Bureau of Investigation (602) 257-1977 (800) 755-1977

    Children Now

    We work to improve the quality of news and entertainment media both for children and about children's issues.

    Court Appointed Special Advocates
      A safe, permanent home isn't something a child should only dream about. Almost half a million children in the United States live in foster care, meant to be a temporary haven. They have been removed from their homes, not because they did anything wrong, but because they've been abused or neglected.
      One judge had an idea to help these children find a way into safe, permanent homes more quickly. His idea was CASA...

    Internet Mental Health
      Knowledge must be shared. Our goal is to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness throughout the world. Introduction Our purpose; helpful tips; how to contact us. Disorders The 52 most common mental disorders including: description, diagnosis, treatment, and research findings. Medications The 67 most common psychiatric drugs including: indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse effects, overdose, dosage, and research findings.

    National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression
      You Can Help Find a Cure Right now, there is not enough money to support the many important scientific projects that are paving the way for the cures for psychiatric illness. You can help. Government employees... Designate your United Way and/or CFC #1196 on your campaign's pledge card. Corporate campaigns and matching gift programs can increase the size of your gifts to NARSAD. Thank you for your support.

    National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
      Site/Web Search Databases, Research Briefs, Latest Research, Conference Calendar, Workplace Issues, Resources & Referrals, Related Links, What's New, Alcohol & Drug Facts, On-Line Catalog, Funding/Grants, Online Forums, Kids Area.

    National Depressive and Mani-Depressive Association    800-826-3632
      The National Depressive & Manic- Depressive Association would like to welcome you to our home page. It is full of helpful information from education to advocacy to support and much more.

    Stand For Children
      1834 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009

      Until every child goes to school "Ready to Learn, Ready to Succeed," America's promise will never be realized. What does it mean for every child to be "Ready to Learn, Ready to Succeed?" In addition to caring and supportive parents, it takes quality and affordable: health coverage, child care, out-of-school activities, education, and violence-free communities. How can you take action to support our children? Join Stand For Children and become part of a growing nationwide grassroots voice for children. Email your Members of Congress to Stand For Children on specific issues. Share your thoughts, and read what others have to say, on issues affecting children. Sign the Stand For Children pledge. (800) 663-4032 (202) 234-0095

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

    B&B Attorney Service, LLC   602-510-6016
    3104 E. Camelback Rd., PMB 105, Phoenix, AZ, 85016

    Proud to provide the legal community of Arizona with reliable, prompt, and professional legal service. At B&B Attorney Service, LLC we provide superior service to each of our clients.
    Our office provides service of process by certified process servers,
    document retrieval, and courier services.
    Providing quality and dependable service to our customers is our top priority at B&B Attorney Service, LLC. As a small company we are able to provide our customers with personalized and customized service. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides first-rate customer service and efficient handling of all court documents.
    We look forward to doing business with you!

    Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County Self-Service Center
    Child Support Enforcement   (800) 882-4151 (602) 252-4045

    3443 North Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012  

    State Bar of Arizona 602-252-4804
    111 W. Monroe Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003-1742   (for attorney referrals)

    Janice M. Palmer, Attorney at Law   602-820-4771
    2111 East Baseline Road Suite C-5, Tempe, AZ 85283
    Full service law firm including Divorce and Child Custody.
      State Court Rules, Ninth Circuit Court Rules, Arizona State Resources, Other State Resources , Rules and Statutes, Arizona Rules of Court by West, Title 12 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Courts and Civil Proceedings , Title 13 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Criminal Code , Title 25 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Marital and Domestic Relations , Arizona State Appellate Court Rules, , Ninth Circuit Court Rules, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, United States District Court, District of Arizona, United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona , Bankruptcy Rules , Bankruptcy Forms and Arizona State Law Resources.

    Arizona UCC Filings
    Pro Bono Programs:
      One way to find a lawyer to provide free legal representation in civil cases is by contacting a pro bono program -- also known as volunteer lawyer programs. Pro bono programs are operated by state, county or local bar associations; by legal services programs; by other agencies in the community or independently. They use local attorneys who have agreed to provide free legal representation to eligible persons referred by the pro bono program. There are tens of thousands of attorneys throughout the country who volunteer their services through these programs.

    Child Support Calculator

    Use the 2011 Child Support Calculator to calculate the proper child support payment based on the Arizona Child Support Guidelines that became effective June 1, 2011.

    Planning for Parenting Time: Arizona’s Guide for Parents Living Apart

    A guide to help Arizona parents living apart plan proper parenting time.

    Planning for Parenting Time: Arizona’s Guide for Parents Living Apart (In Spanish)

    Spanish language version of the above document.

    Self-Service Center in Maricopa County

    Your source for Maricopa County court documents relating to child support and other family law issues.

    Michael. L. Shew    888-866-8523   623-223-8911

    Compassion. Respect. Intellect. Strategy.
    You have 10-plus years invested in a marriage. Divorce can happen in a matter of months. How do you cope with such an abrupt change in life? This is where we come in. At The Law Firm of Michael J. Shew, Ltd., we service our clients with thorough knowledge of family law, and we support our clients with respect, courtesy, empathy and a high level of personal attention.

    On the list of top 10 most stressful life events, divorce is number two. But nobody ever said you had to go it alone. You will have many questions. We will have answers. You may be nervous about the uncertainty. We will assure you. You may need to vent. We will listen. You can count on us throughout the process.

    Professional Know-How. Real-Life Experience.
    Our experience comes from helping clients for more than 20 years. It comes from real life, as well. Our lawyers understand what you are going through, because they have been there themselves.

    AZ-Maricopa Co Property

    AZ-Maricopa Co Pub Rec

    AZ-Maricopa Co Court Rec

    AZ-Pima Co Property  

    AZ-Pima Co Justice Courts  

    Arizona Revised Statutes Title 25

    Marital and Domestic Relations

    Chapter 1 MARRIAGE
    Article 1 Capacity of Persons to Marry
    25-101 Void and prohibited marriages
    25-102 Consent required for marriage of minors
    25-103 Purposes
    Article 2 Validity of Marriage
    25-111 Requirement of license and solemnization; covenant marriages
    25-112 Marriages contracted in another state; validity and effect
    Article 3 Marriage License, Ceremony and Record
    25-121 Marriage license; application; affidavit
    25-122 Consent of parent or guardian of minor
    25-123 Recording licenses; endorsement of solemnization; recording return; lost licenses
    25-124 Persons authorized to perform marriage ceremony; definition
    25-125 Marriage ceremony; official; witnesses; marriage license; covenant marriages
    25-126 Application to justice of the peace for marriage and covenant marriage licenses; issuance; violation; classification
    25-127 Issuance of marriage license by a city or town; transfer of fees; handling fee
    25-128 Unlawful acts of person authorized to solemnize marriages; classification
    25-129 Unlawful acts of person authorized to issue marriage license or make marriage records; classification
    Article 1 Arizona Uniform Premarital Agreement Act
    25-201 Definitions
    25-202 Enforcement of premarital agreements; exception
    25-203 Scope of agreement
    25-204 Amendment or revocation of agreement
    25-205 Limitation of actions
    Article 2 Property Rights and Contract Powers
    25-211 Property acquired during marriage as community property; exceptions
    25-213 Separate property
    25-214 Management and control
    25-215 Liability of community property and separate property for community and separate debts
    25-217 Ownership of property acquired after moving into state
    25-218 Surrogate parentage contracts; prohibition; custody; definition
    Article 1 Annulment
    25-301 Grounds
    25-302 Procedure and law
    Article 2 Dissolution of Marriage
    25-311 Jurisdiction; form of petition; award of decree
    25-312 Dissolution of marriage; findings necessary
    25-313 Decree of legal separation; findings necessary
    25-314 Pleadings; contents; defense; joinder of parties; confidentiality
    25-315 Temporary order or preliminary injunction; effect; definition
    25-316 Irretrievable breakdown; finding
    25-317 Separation agreement; effect
    25-318 Disposition of property; retroactivity; notice to creditors; assignment of debts; contempt of court
    25-319 Maintenance; computation factors
    25-320 Child support; factors; methods of payment; additional enforcement provisions; definitions
    25-320.02 Self employed parent; tax practitioner; definition
    25-321 Representation of child by counsel; fees
    25-322 Payment of maintenance or support; records; disclosure
    25-323 Assignments
    25-323.01 Child support committee; membership; duties; report
    25-323.02 Domestic relations committee; membership; duties; report
    25-323.03 Forms; alternative forms
    25-324 Attorney fees
    25-325 Decree; finality; restoration of maiden name
    25-326 Independence of provisions of decree or temporary order; forms
    25-327 Modification and termination of provisions for maintenance, support and property disposition
    25-328 Sequence of trials when custody or parenting time is an issue
    25-329 Waiting period
    25-330 Employer cooperation
    Article 4 Alienation of Affections
    25-341 Abrogation of alienation of affections action
    Article 5 Domestic Relations Education on Children's Issues
    25-351 Domestic relations education; plan; administration
    25-352 Applicability of program; compliance
    25-353 Failure to comply
    25-354 Children's issues education fund; report
    25-355 Fees; deferral or waiver
    Article 7 Court of Conciliation
    25-381.01 Purposes of article
    25-381.02 Definitions
    25-381.03 Applicability of article; determination by superior court
    25-381.04 Assignment of judges; number of sessions
    25-381.05 Transfer of cases; reason; duties of transferee judge
    25-381.06 Court assistants; salaries; appointments
    25-381.07 Director of conciliation; powers and duties
    25-381.08 Jurisdiction
    25-381.09 Petition invoking jurisdiction or for transfer of action to conciliation court
    25-381.10 Petition; caption
    25-381.11 Petition; contents
    25-381.12 Blank forms; assistance in preparing and presenting petition
    25-381.13 Fees
    25-381.14 Hearing; time; place; notice; citation; witnesses
    25-381.15 Time and place of holding hearings
    25-381.16 Conduct of hearing; recommendations; aid of specialists; expense; confidential communications
    25-381.17 Orders; duration of effectiveness; reconciliation agreement
    25-381.18 Dissolution of marriage; legal separation; annulment; stay of right to file; jurisdiction for pending actions
    25-381.19 Transfer of certain actions where minor child involved
    25-381.20 Procedure in actions where no child is involved; conciliation court may accept case
    25-381.21 Construction of article
    25-381.22 Subsequent petition filed within one year
    25-381.23 Option for mandatory conciliation
    25-381.24 Counseling
    Article 1 Child Custody
    25-401 Jurisdiction; commencement of proceedings
    25-402 Definitions
    25-403 Custody; best interests of child
    25-403.01 Sole and joint custody
    25-403.02 Parenting plans
    25-403.03 Domestic violence and child abuse
    25-403.04 Drug offenses
    25-403.05 Sexual offenders; murderers; custody and parenting time
    25-403.06 Parental access to records
    25-403.07 Identification of a primary caretaker and public assistance
    25-403.08 Resources and fees
    25-403.09 Child support
    25-404 Temporary orders
    25-405 Interviews by court; professional assistance
    25-406 Investigations and reports
    25-407 Custody hearings; priority; costs; record
    25-408 Rights of noncustodial parent; parenting time; relocation of child; exception; enforcement; access to records
    25-409 Visitation rights of grandparents and great grandparents
    25-410 Judicial supervision
    25-411 Modification of custody decree; affidavit; contents
    25-412 Expedited child support and parenting time fund
    25-413 Domestic relations education and mediation fund; report
    25-414 Violation of visitation or parenting time rights; penalties
    25-415 Custody by nonparent; presumption; grounds; definitions
    Article 1 General Provisions
    25-500 Definitions
    25-501 Duties of support; exemption
    25-502 Jurisdiction, venue and procedure; additional enforcement provisions
    25-503 Order for support; methods of payment; modification; termination; statute of limitations; judgment on arrearages; notice; security
    25-503.01 Self-employed parent; monies held as security for payment of support
    25-504 Order of assignment; ex parte order of assignment; responsibilities; violation; termination
    25-505 Limited income withholding orders; definition
    25-505.01 Administrative income withholding order; notice; definition
    25-506 Order for assignment; foreign support order
    25-507 Forms; alternative forms
    25-508 Enforcement of support orders; fee prohibition
    25-509 Representation by attorney general or county attorney; modification of order by attorney general or county attorney
    25-510 Receiving and disbursing support and maintenance monies
    25-511 Failure of parent to provide for child; classification
    25-511.01 Spousal maintenance order; violation; classification
    25-512 Consumer credit reports; use of child support or spousal maintenance obligation information
    25-513 Employer cooperation; violation; classification
    25-514 Priority of action and judgments
    25-516 Lien; notice; priority; recording; reciprocity
    25-517 Title IVD agency; license suspension; notice
    25-518 Child support arrearage; license suspension; hearing; definition
    25-519 Regulatory entities; suspension of license
    25-520 Child support enforcement; administrative subpoena; civil penalty
    25-521 Levy; seizure of property for collection of support debt; definitions
    25-522 Administrative review; notice; determination; judicial review; definitions
    25-523 Financial institutions data match; nonliability; prohibited disclosure; liability; civil liability; definition
    25-524 Financial institutions; surrender of assets; nonliability
    25-525 Administrative enforcement; interstate cases; definition
    25-526 Child support enforcement information; internet posting
    25-527 Child support; overpayment; reimbursement
    Article 2 Child Medical Support
    25-531 Definitions
    25-532 Enrollment of child
    25-533 Insurer obligations
    25-534 Employer obligations
    25-535 Enforcement of health insurance coverage; medical support notice; administrative review
    Article 3 Spousal Maintenance Enforcement
    25-551 Clerk of the court
    25-552 Jurisdiction; priority of action
    25-553 Request for arrearages; deadline
    Article 5 Child Support Arrest Warrants
    25-681 Child support arrest warrant; definition
    25-682 Time and manner of execution; information
    25-683 Procedure after arrest; payment for release from custody
    25-684 Preexisting warrants
    25-685 Entry into criminal information system
    Article 1 Maternity and Paternity Proceedings
    25-801 Jurisdiction
    25-802 Venue
    25-803 Persons who may originate proceedings; custody; parenting time; conciliation court
    25-804 Time for instituting proceedings
    25-805 Effect of death, absence or insanity of plaintiff
    25-806 Petition
    25-807 Precedence of maternity and paternity proceedings; delay for blood or tissue tests; court order; evidentiary use; alternative tests
    25-809 Judgment
    25-810 Liability of parents if putative mother or father is a minor; periodic payments
    25-812 Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity; action to overcome paternity
    25-813 Default order of paternity
    25-814 Presumption of paternity
    25-815 Paternity; full faith and credit
    25-816 Title IVD child support; paternity establishment; genetic testing
    25-817 Temporary support orders; presumption of paternity
    25-818 Paternity case registry; acknowledgments and paternity and maternity orders; recording requirements
    Article 1 General Provisions
    25-901 Covenant marriage; declaration of intent; filing requirements
    25-902 Existing marriages; conversion to covenant marriage; recording requirements
    25-903 Dissolution of a covenant marriage; grounds
    25-904 Decree of legal separation; grounds
    25-905 Temporary orders for support and spousal maintenance
    25-906 Information pamphlet; requirements; distribution
    Article 1 General Provisions
    25-1001 Short title
    25-1002 Definitions
    25-1003 Proceeding governed by other law
    25-1004 Application to Indian tribes
    25-1005 International application of chapter
    25-1006 Effect of child custody determination
    25-1007 Priority
    25-1008 Notice to persons outside this state
    25-1009 Appearance and limited immunity
    25-1010 Communication between courts; definition
    25-1011 Taking testimony in another state
    25-1012 Cooperation between courts; preservation of records
    Article 2 Jurisdiction
    25-1031 Initial child custody jurisdiction
    25-1032 Exclusive continuing jurisdiction
    25-1033 Jurisdiction to modify determination
    25-1034 Temporary emergency jurisdiction
    25-1035 Notice; opportunity to be heard; joinder
    25-1036 Simultaneous proceedings
    25-1037 Inconvenient forum
    25-1038 Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct
    25-1039 Information to be submitted to court
    25-1040 Appearance of parties and child
    Article 3 Enforcement
    25-1051 Definitions
    25-1052 Enforcement under Hague convention
    25-1053 Duty to enforce
    25-1054 Temporary visitation
    25-1055 Registration of child custody determination
    25-1056 Enforcement of registered determination
    25-1057 Simultaneous proceedings
    25-1058 Expedited enforcement of child custody determination
    25-1059 Service of petition and order
    25-1060 Hearing and order
    25-1061 Warrant to take physical custody of child
    25-1062 Costs, fees and expenses
    25-1063 Recognition and enforcement
    25-1064 Appeals
    25-1065 Role of attorney general
    25-1066 Role of law enforcement
    25-1067 Costs and expenses
    Article 1 General Provisions
    25-1201 Short title
    25-1202 Definitions
    25-1204 Remedies cumulative
    Article 2 Jurisdiction
    25-1221 Bases for jurisdiction over nonresident
    25-1222 Duration of personal jurisdiction
    25-1223 Initiating and responding tribunal of state
    25-1224 Simultaneous proceedings
    25-1225 Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify child support order
    25-1226 Continuing jurisdiction to enforce child support order
    25-1227 Determination of controlling child support order
    25-1228 Child support orders for two or more obligees
    25-1229 Credit for payments
    25-1230 Application of chapter to nonresident subject to personal jurisdiction
    25-1231 Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify spousal support order
    Article 3 Civil Provisions of General Application
    25-1241 Proceedings under this chapter
    25-1242 Proceeding by minor parent
    25-1243 Application of law of state
    25-1244 Duties of initiating tribunal
    25-1245 Duties and powers of responding tribunal
    25-1246 Inappropriate tribunal
    25-1247 Duties of support enforcement agency
    25-1248 Duty of the attorney general
    25-1249 Private counsel
    25-1250 Duties of department of economic security
    25-1251 Pleadings and accompanying documents
    25-1252 Nondisclosure of information in exceptional circumstances
    25-1253 Costs and fees
    25-1254 Limited immunity of petitioner
    25-1255 Nonparentage as defense
    25-1256 Special evidence and procedure
    25-1257 Communications between tribunals
    25-1258 Assistance with discovery
    25-1259 Receipt and disbursement of payments
    Article 4 Establishment of Support Order
    25-1271 Petition to establish support order
    Article 5 Enforcement of Order of Another State without Registration
    25-1281 Employer's receipt of income withholding order of another state
    25-1282 Employer's compliance with income withholding order of another state
    25-1283 Employer's compliance with two or more income withholding orders
    25-1284 Immunity from civil liability
    25-1285 Penalties for noncompliance
    25-1286 Contest by obligor
    25-1287 Administrative enforcement of orders
    Article 6 Registration, Enforcement and Modification of Support Order
    25-1301 Registration of order for enforcement
    25-1302 Procedure to register order for enforcement
    25-1303 Effect of registration for enforcement
    25-1304 Choice of law
    25-1305 Notice of registration of order
    25-1306 Procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered order
    25-1307 Contest of registration or enforcement
    25-1308 Confirmed order
    25-1309 Procedure to register child support order of another state for modification
    25-1310 Effect of registration for modification
    25-1311 Modification of child support order of another state
    25-1312 Recognition of order modified in another state
    25-1313 Jurisdiction to modify child support order of another state if individual parties reside in this state
    25-1314 Notice to issuing tribunal of modification
    25-1315 Jurisdiction to modify child support order of foreign country or political subdivision
    Article 7 Determination of Parentage
    25-1331 Proceeding to determine parentage
    Article 8 Interstate Rendition
    25-1341 Grounds for rendition
    25-1342 Conditions of rendition

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